In Fear and Faith

In Fear and Faith is a rock band from San Diego, California, United States. Their debut album Your World on Fire was released January 6th 2009. Their second album, Imperial was released on June 15, 2010. In Fear and Faith was founded in 2006 by members Noah Slifka, Mehdi Niroomand, Tyler McElhaney, Jarred DeArmas, and Ramin Niroomand. A year after recording their self-titled demo, founding vocalist Jarred DeArmas left the group and Tyler "Telle" Smith was employed as the band's clean vocalist along with Cody Anderson as the band's unclean vocalist. They replaced guitarist Davey Owens with Noah Slifka while keyboardist, Michael Guy left the band completely without a member in his replacement. With this line-up, they recorded their second EP, Voyage and released it via iTunes on December 17, 2007. Met with positive acclaim, the EP attracted the attention of Rise Records, which they were signed to the following year. Current members Jarred DeArmas - bass guitar (since 2011), lead vocals (2006) Cody Anderson - unclean vocals (2007-2010, since 2014) Noah Slifka - rhythm guitar (2007-2011), lead guitar (since 2014) Scott Barnes - lead vocals (since 2008) Sean Bell - rhythm guitar (since 2011) Tyler McElhaney - bass guitar (2006-2011, since 2014) Chase Whitney - Drums (since 2014) Former members Michael Guy - keyboards (2006-2007) Davey Owens - rhythm guitar (2006-2007) Tyler "Telle" Smith - clean vocals (2007-2008) Ramin Ni...

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