Mansour (Persian: منصور ‎, born 28 July 1971) is a contemporary artist born in Tehran, Iran. Persian musical artist. From a new generation of rising singers of the exiled Iranian community based in Southern California, he is now ranked as one of the top male singers of the Iranian music scene. Beside Iran, he also has a fan base in [Afghanistan], Tajikistan and to a limited extent Iraq, Uzbekistan and Russia. Despite the Iranian government’s restrictions on pop music, he has nevertheless been able to eclipse other singers in gaining a wide recognition in the country.Equally popular among both men and women, his songs now serve various ceremonial openings of events, such as soccer games, weddings and private parties. Due to the lively nature of his music that has engaged and absorbed the youth of Iran, he is now permanently banned from returning or performing for any reason in that country. Studio albums With Taraneh Records 1996: Tasvir Akhar 1997: Daricheh 2001: Zendegi (Life) 2002: Divooneh (Crazy) 2005: Farari (Fugitive) 2007: Ghashangeh (Beautiful) With Caltex Records 1994: Ferferehayeh Bibaad 1998: Ghayegh Kaghazi 2000: Faghat Bekhatareh To (Only For You) With Century Records USA 2009: Janjaali Singles 2009: Nedaye Eshgh 2010: Mikhaam Bahat Beraghsam 2010: Zendegi Chist 2011: Bari Bakh 2011: Beshkan 2012: Eshgh Nemikhabeh Live albums With MZM Records 1996: Mansour Live In Concert 2010: Mansour Live in Concert Club Nokia (Audio CD) Related Artist

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