Sirvan Khosravi

Sirvan Khosravi (Persian : سیروان خسروی born 1982 in Tehran, Iran ) is an iranian pop-rock musician and music composer. he was eleven he started to learn music and keyboard for four years with Evy Junio. Since that time he started to feel interested in Elton John’s music by watching The Lion King. He started to learn the fundamentals of keyboard and Rock music genre under supervision of Kave Yaghmayi. After a while he and his four other friends established an underground band and started to perform some tracks from some famous bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and The Police. He got separated from the band after one year. Sirvan participated in two concerts of Kave yaghmayi in 2000 & 2001 as a keyboard player, that was his only performance on the scene as a player.The most important reason that caused Sirvan to enter the music career was that he got familiar with it on Kave Yaghmayi’s recording stages while working on the album named Matarsak. The album Matarsak was the main motivation for him to start being a musician and declaring his ideas about music. since 2000, Sirvan participated in many albums of various singers as a voice recorder, recording supervisor, music arranger and musician, till after meeting Omid Athari Nejad in 2001, he started to produce his first own album, named To Khial Kardi Beri and after getting the certificate from The ministry of culture and islamic guidance in 2005, he published his first album. Although his fi...

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