Xaniar Khosravi (Born in 1986 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian Pop/Hip Hop singer, composer, lyricist and actor. He began pursuing music at about the age of 7 at the same time as his older brother Sirvan, who is also a popular singer. For a while he had left music to play soccer in semi-professional teams only to leave that too when he took an entry exam to study Law in college. He composed his first lyrics for Sirvan’s album. His songs are a nice balance between freshness and easy-listening with love and relationships as their subject matter and beautiful melodies. Risk, Dar Kenare Mahtab (Beside Luna Light), Bedoone To (Without You), and Oon (She) are among his most popular songs. Recently he has played in a movie by Peiman Moadi, Barf Ruye Kajha (Snow on Pines) but he stresses that his musical career is of top priority to him. Xaniar's voice is a smooth baritone and all of his songs are melodic with an extremely catchy tone. Despite the fact that none of his songs are remotely political or contain any profanity or vulgar themes that would run against the Islamic regulations of Iran, he has been considered an underground musician for 6 years until the Department of Arts finally granted him a licence to legally publish and sell his works on 24 December, 2013. His artistic genius and charming personality, however, have been able to draw in a lot of devoted fans, turning him into an iconic pop star despite all the limitations he had to tackle as an underground artist. Zend...

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